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This page contains a compendium of updated news from around the industry, including sources such as company insiders, analytical experts, online reports, and various other sources.

Profit Results in Line with Analysis

Most sector companies have reported quarterly earnings in line with analysts' expectations. However, while certain sectors remain moribund due to the current interest rate climate, others show signs of increased activity. Most companies across the industry appear to be increasing their investment in research and development (R&D), leading one of the nation's leading economists to predict increased profits during the next two quarters as these investments begin to result in increased worker productivity and greater return on investment (ROI) for many companies.

Worker Opportunities Increasing

As a result of the expected improvement in business conditions over the next few months, the opportunities for workers in most fields will increase dramatically. While this will certainly increase the salaries and benefits of many workers, it will also present new challenges to management in many companies to remain competitive on a salary level and to retain their current workers. In addition to raising salaries in order to remain competitive, most companies will need to increase other benefits by providing items such as increased health insurance benefits, greater promotion opportunities within the organization, more leave time, and more skills training opportunities. Management may also need to concentrate more on "soft" items such as providing a more relaxed, friendly work place. Companies that fail to recognize this trend could be punished severely through increased attrition rates, leading to substantial shortages in skilled workers and greatly increased expenses related to recruiting, hiring, and training new skilled workers. Companies are advised to avoid this adverse scenario by implementing the suggestions outlined above, including raising salaries, providing greater promotion opportunities within the organization, beefing up benefits such as health insurance, and providing more skills training in order to retain the loyalty of existing employees.

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